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Our Mission


All young people should be given the knowledge and tools to understand and support their own mental health and wellbeing. What better way to achieve this than through fun and play!  


Mental Health and Neuroscience through the lens of technology and creative media

Our cross-sector approach combines neuroscience, mental health and technology with games and creative arts to engage young people and foster curiosity beyond the traditional parameters and interventions in mental health and wellbeing. 

By building up the digital, creative and media skills, our approach ensures children and young people have the confidence and knowledge to be leaders in their lives while understanding how neuroscience, mental health and technology all play a role.


Video showing our Neuro Champions innovations and collaborative work with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Innovation team.

Feeling stressed? Watch our simple video to find out what is happening in your brain.


Nurturing the leaders of tomorrow

Our Head & Heart Heroes programme uses games and interactive activities to teach Infant and Junior School children ways to effectively communicate and understand their emotions, thoughts and feelings and how these are connected to their developing brains and their behaviour.

Our Neuro Champions Young Leaders programme teaches Secondary School students about the brain and mental health using games, immersive technology and creative media. The programme is delivered to groups of young people from the same year group.

Working within healthcare settings, our Neuro Champions Young Leaders programme aligns with the needs of the service to provide a preventative and supportive mental wellbeing programme. The programme covers mental health and neuroscience and uses games and creative media to support engagement.

For community organisations, our Neuro Champions Young Leaders programme works across age ranges (from 8 – 25) to support the young people actively engaged in the organisation, to understand the brain and mental health using games, immersive technology and creative media. 

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Our Team

The Neuro Champions team consists of Mental Health and Social Care Professionals, Scientists, Youth Workers, Researchers, Designers and Tech experts. All of whom bring their wealth of experience and love of play, when developing and delivering Neuro Champions products and programmes.



From our Collaborators

Chanua have a genuine passion that shines through everything the team does, and it is a pleasure to see and be a part of. It is exciting to be working with a team on the cusp of a new generation of mental health and psychological practice.”

Sophie Johnson, Innovation Project Manager, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

From the first time The Children’s Society met Chanua we were blown away by their passion to help children and young people and the diverse and deep experience that they bring to helping tackle mental and emotional health issues and promote wellbeing.

Kirsten Naude, Director of New Ventures, The Children’s Society

“The reviewers were positive about what the project has achieved so far. They were pleased to see that there are more partners on board with the Neuro Champions Young Leaders Programme and that demand for the project is increasing.”

Grant Award Manager, Wellcome Trust