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The Young Leaders programme takes a practical approach to developing the listening, sharing and social supportive skills of children and young people. We use interactive play-based activities and games to stimulate discussions that shape understanding in Mental Health and Neuroscience. By using digital and creative media young people consolidate the skills they’ve developed during the programme.

We ran the programme with our year 10 and 12 groups and were really delighted with the level of interest, the engagement, the delivery of the programme and the enthusiastic response from the students. The staff delivering the course were excellent and quickly established a rapport with the students which allowed for open and frank discussions as well as engaging sessions for the students.

Enda Carey, Sector Skills Champion, Studio School

The workshops were interactive, playful and educational, each student was thoroughly engaged and have all taken away skills and techniques that they can utilise in exams and everyday life. All of the staff and students were all impressed with the brain games and techniques Neuro Champions use to manage stress in a practical way. Thank you to all of your wonderful staff at Neuro Champions.

Cherise Weaver, Project Officer, Shaping Futures, University of Liverpool

If you could see the children’s’ faces, then that says it all to me. That they are so keen to go to the Neuro Champions sessions and the fact that they can talk about it, and talk about what they have done. And it’s not been about getting away from PE or whatever they are getting out of, they’re actually communicating about what they can do.

Karen Evans, Key Stage 2 SENCo, Anfield Road Primary School


the programme

Brains and Neurons

Covering the basic principles of Neuroscience, giving children and young people a better understanding of how their brain works.


Brain Structures

We look at the gross structures of the brain and explore the functions of these areas.

Brain Development

We focus on how our brain changes as we get older and the impact this has on our behaviour, thoughts and emotions.

Emotions and the Brain

Expanding on brain structures, we explore the role of the Limbic system in emotional processing.


We look at how our brain (and body’s) communication system works, focusing on its’ adaptability.

Mental Health and Neurodiversity

Exploring the spectrum of Mental Health including ways to maintain and support wellbeing, whilst also looking at Neurodiversity.


Positive Mental Health

We look at ways to maintain mental wellbeing and focus on the brain processes involved in positive mental health.

Mental Ill Health

We explore mental illness, looking at early signs and symptoms, whilst providing societal context.

Supporting someone

We focus on developing practical skills needed to effectively support others mental wellbeing.

The power of difference

We take a positive look at the variations in the Human brain and look at societal barriers.

Digital and Creative skills

Developing skills in videography, photography, animation and social media content
creation and connecting this to mental wellbeing.


Story Boarding

We support young people to create their own storyboards based on their mental wellbeing interests.

Immersive Technology

We provide opportunities for the young people to explore virtual and augmented reality.


We explore games and social media in the context of mental wellbeing, focusing on the young peoples’ views.


We support young people to turn their storyboards on mental health into animations, consolidating their learning.

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